Our rates vary based on the size of advert required, how many issues you would like to book for, and whether or not you would like a premium page.

So we ask for you to either contact us by email (coralie@chilternviewmagazines.co.uk or connor@chilternviewmagazines.co.uk) with some details about your business or call so that we can discuss your advertising (07500 048230 or 07712 816336).

We do not do a ‘hard sell’ but prefer to understand a little about the aims for your business before making a recommendation on an advertising option for you.

Our advertising is very cost effective and we take all major debit and credit cards, and have monthly payment options for regular advertisers.

We print and distribute 22,500 magazines to homes and businesses in the area.

Prices start at just £32 plus vat per issue for a 1/16th page advert based on a 6 issue booking and can give your business a real boost.

Further enquiries, pricing and how to book

Please contact Coralie or Connor on 07500 048230 or 07712 816336

Ready to advertise? Book your space!