December 30, 2021
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December 30, 2021

Flight simulator review

On October the 16th, the day before my 24th Birthday, I was surprised by a lovely present from my Mum and Dad.

They had signed me up for an hour with Stuart from the Flight Sim Wycombe, Flight Simulator Experience for the most realistic and engrossing flight simulator I’ve tried. As quite an enthusiastic gamer both now and when I was younger, I couldn’t wait to see how I would actually fair with a full-scale simulator used for training actual pilots. 


It has always been a dream of mine, after watching Maverick in Top Gun of course, to become a flight jet pilot, so sitting in a real cockpit behind real controls was pretty thrilling. Stuart was a really friendly, knowledgeable and laid-back instructor and allowed me the right amount of freedom to choose how formally I wanted to learn. Firstly, we started by getting familiar with the basic controls, and gradually working my way up to landing and taking off. Swiftly followed by having a bit of fun with some simulated emergencies and trying some crazy turns.


I really would thoroughly recommend the Flight Sim Wycombe if you have an interest in aviation, gaming, or just trying out a fun new experience. Although I may be a little biased since Stuart said he was very impressed with my flying, and I could potentially get my pilots licence… 



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