The Players Theatre – Nelson Street, Thame, OX9 2DP
April 21, 2020
Chalk, Cherries & Chairs
April 21, 2020


With the current challenges that Covid-19 brings, now is a better time than ever to support our local businesses and shop locally for our everyday essentials. We are so lucky to have a diverse range of fantastic local businesses on our doorsteps. The bigger chains and supermarkets have greater resources and reserves to survive difficult times, but it is already and will be much more of a struggle for our smaller local independent businesses, so let’s help them as much as we can!


We are actively compiling a list of local businesses who remain open and are working hard to adapt to Government Guidelines. If you are a local business (any background – not just food) please message us via and we will happily include you is this listing (100% free).


Some businesses we’ve previously listed have had to close temporarily, so we’ve decided to keep them listed as we still want to support them! As so many of you are regularly visiting this page this provides great visibility for them regardless of whether they are open or closed. When normality resumes, we hope that this time will have improved community awareness of all the amazing local businesses that we have on our doorsteps!


The services on our site are available to everyone (not just TRC members) as this is all about helping everyone in the current climate! This guide is being updated daily.

Current Government Advice

  1. Stay at Home – Only go out if you need essentials – nominate one key person from each household to minimise exposure. Use Food Delivery Services.
  2. Go out for ONE form of exercise per day, adhering to 2 meters social distancing at least (alone or with your own household members only).
  3. Only go out for essential medical care, medication & caring for the vulnerable/ elderly.
  4. Travelling only permitted to/from work for key-workers.
  5. Being outside does not eliminate the risk of spreading the virus – no groups
  6. If you have even the slightest symptom – self isolate including anyone you live with for 14 days at least.

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