Kenzos Diaries – A Dogs Life 

There’s no escaping the garden this month…as if you’d want to!
April 21, 2020
 Local Parish Councils
April 21, 2020
There’s no escaping the garden this month…as if you’d want to!
April 21, 2020
 Local Parish Councils
April 21, 2020

Kenzos Diaries – A Dogs Life 

Today wasn’t like any other day. For some reason: I wasn’t allowed my breakfast pebbles, I was rushed around, and my morning walkies was cut very short. Something felt very strange.


All my hoomans were up very early, and they all gave  me lots of attention and rubs which seemed nice, but I was getting very suspicious. I had been out for a wee and usually now it’s time for a little sleepies before midday snacks. I was just about to close my eyes, when Mummy and daddy then told me I was going to get a ‘new ted’! Amazing! Now it made sense, they wanted to keep me awake so I could go with them to get a new teddy. I couldn’t wait! This was going to be the best day, getting a new teddy and playing all day long with my bruva! Happy kenz! I ran to mummy and she put my ‘arness’ on and we jumped straight into the ‘caw’ to get my ‘new ted’.


I was super excited; although maybe a little hungry, so it felt like the ‘caw’ journey went on for ages! The ‘caw’ suddenly stopped, I looked out the window and realised we were outside the ‘vetz’, my suspicions immediately came back. However, I really wanted a ‘new ted’, so I thought maybe I might get a teddy after being a good boy in the ‘vetz’? I moaned a little but gave in and jumped out the car.


We walked into the ‘vetz’ and up to the hooman on the desk. Mummy said, “Hello there, this is Kenzo and he’s come to get ‘new ted’”, to which she replied, “Brilliant, take a seat”. I was buzzing, time to finally get my ‘new ted’, but what they don’t know is, I’ll rip it up as soon as we get back. A lady ‘vetz’ came out and called me, so I pulled mummy and daddy through to the next room, where the ‘vetz’ gave me rubs and said hello.


Then it all changed… for some reason the ‘vetz’ said it was time to give me ‘an asstetic’, which meant I went very sleepy…

… suddenly, I woke up and I was back home. I felt a little bit ‘woosie’. I stood up but I was wobbly, so went into see mummy and daddy in the ‘libing room’. They gave my rubs and said I was such a good boy for getting ‘new ted’.


I was so confused, so I searched high and low round the house for my ‘new ted’. I found nothing.


Mummy and daddy still say I was ‘new ted’, even though I never found it. Although I do feel something is missing. Or maybe two things?





I’m not really sure why, but everyone has been at home all day, every day recently. It’s been absolutely amazing spending so much time with my ‘hoomans’.


I get to go on long walkies to my secret mud patch I can roll in, and water puddles I can splash about in. I get fed all day long with little scraps here and there, but best of all, my bruva and sista are always around to play with! I get so much attention. The only problem is, I have to go for more walkies on the rope, which is not so fun. They pull me around the roads with scary ‘caws’ that come towards me. You would think that with all these walkies, I would get to meet lots of other dogs, but no, I’m not even allowed to make new ‘fwends’.


It is weird, with everyone at home and even though my naps get interrupted all the time! I couldn’t be happier being with all my hoomans, so I’m going to make the most of it. I’ve even written a little poem…


I do not like these walks on lead.

I do not like them, no indeed.

No time to sniff, no time to chase,

I have to walk at Mummy’s pace.

I miss the games; I miss the larks.

God forbid they close the parks!

After half the walk I had to stop, and here I had my massive strop!

‘I can no more!’ I said to Mum.

But she just told me to shift my bum.

I do not like these walks on lead,

but one day, friends, we SHALL be freed!

(Poem written by Emma Gale and slightly amended)

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