January 3, 2023
January 3, 2023
January 3, 2023
January 3, 2023


New Year’s resolutions your beloved pooch will really appreciate.


The start of each year is the time when we make pledges to our own health and wellbeing for the months ahead, but as a valued member of the family, it’s important to ensure you don’t leave your delightful dog out of the equation!



Walk the walk

Whether you’ve got short-legged shih tzu or long-limbed lurcher, dogs need regular walks.

It’s not just about exercise, but also about maintaining mental stimulation as dogs explore their world through scents and rely on new fragrances in the same way you crave a new book or daily crossword. They also like to socialise and meet other four-legged pals. So, get the walk in.



Brush up on grooming

Your dog may run for cover at the mention of the word ‘bath’, but they’ll always look grateful afterwards.

Non-moulting breeds rely on regular trips to the groomers to maintain their luscious coats, but every dog needs a brush once in a while, not to mention claws being clipped and if you’re really conscientious, the occasional toothbrush.



Buy the good grub

These days you can buy your best buddy all kinds of gourmet fare, but it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune if you don’t have the money.

With wet food, a high meat content is always preferable and a combination of this with dry meal is often a good way to keep your pups from an upset tummy. Carrots are a great snack occasionally along with good quality treats.



Be alert to bedding

Dogs get a bad rep when it comes to personal hygiene, but really it is us, their human companions, who are responsible for keeping them clean and happy. So wash their beds, replace their chew toys when they become too worn out, and throw their water bowl in the dishwasher occasionally.



Ensure you insure

No-one likes to imagine anything bad happening to their beloved pet but having insurance in place will soften the blow of any sudden illness or accident.

Vet fees can be exorbitant, while insurance excess fees and monthly rates rise as your dog gets older, so insure when your dog is young if possible and maintain the policy for maximum peace of mind.

The same goes for vaccinations and other monthly medications that your poochie needs – from worming to tick and lungworm pills, prevention is always better than cure.



Pledge to pet

Petting pooches and generally showering your pup with love is proven to lower stress levels in both humans and canines alike.

So don’t be shy – let your dog know just how grateful you are to have them.


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