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April 25, 2019
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With the threat of frosts now behind us, we can start looking forward to growing some fantastic vegetables. If you have a greenhouse, then you can grow perfect tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers etc.

A very popular tomato to grow is the variety ‘Shirley’. This is perhaps the earliest cropper, and does well if the temperature drops, meaning that it will also perform well outside, in a sunny, sheltered spot.

‘Moneymaker’ is perhaps the most popular variety. Originally bred at the start of the 20th century, it is an ultra reliable, disease resistant choice that produces a heavy crop.

‘Gardeners Delight’ is a great choice if you like small cherry sized fruits. Sweet and tasty , a great choice particularly for children.

For a large, Italian beefsteak choice, we like to grow ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’. Big enough to ab able to slice, it’s full of flavour, really delicious.

There are two definite types of pepper, the small firey Chilli varieties such as Scotch Bonnet,  Apache, Mohawk and Red Habanero. These types of peppers are very, very hot – so hot in fact, that it is advisable to wear plastic gloves when handling . Pop a couple in your Chilli Con Carne or a home made curry for that extra spicy kick.

The larger sweet peppers are a much milder choice. These can be sliced and used in salads or stuffed with rice or minced meat then baked.

Both these pepper types need the same conditions as tomatoes, consistently warm and watered regularly.

If you are growing cucumbers, choose an ‘all female ‘ variety. This means you do not have to worry about pollination. Once the seed germinates, keep a very close eye on the young plant. In the early stages you must not overwater, and the temperature needs to be just right. When the plant gets over this initial stage and begins to put on new, strong growth, all should be well. The cucumber is a big plant that will produce lots of heavy fruits, so make sure you have it securely fixed in the greenhouse .

Once the tomato plants set flowers, they will really benefit from regular feeding, the peppers and cucumbers too will need extra nutrients if they are to continue producing until the Autumn.


See you soon,

Happy Gardening,

Simon, Alison, Ray the Jack Russell and all as Askett Nurseries.


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