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June 29, 2017
June 29, 2017

Do I have a Honeybee Swarm?

A couple of weeks ago, some residents of Kingston Blount discovered a large Honeybee swarm which was expertly dealt with by a local Swarm Collector. If you do discover a swarm then go to their website at and enter your postcode to find the best person available to help.

Here are a few tips and information to help you to identify honeybees or a swarm of honeybees and what to do.

Beekeepers are often approached about winged, flying creatures, especially in the spring and summer period, when they are their most active simply working and are no cause for alarm.

However, if you are worried about a potential threat to the public or the bees, then the best place to get advice for this is on the BBKA website at where they can help you find out what kind of insect you have and therefore what to do about it. The most common insects are honeybees, bumblebees and wasps. There are other kinds of insects that are confused with these so it’s good to check first.

What do the insects look like? Honeybees are small and vary in colour from golden brown to almost black.

Does your resting swarm look like this picture?


If you think you have got a swarm and our pictures look like the one you have noticed, then please contact your local Swarm Collector who will provide appropriate help or advice with your honey bee swarm.

We would like to thank Gayle Spiller, who watched the whole process and kindly supplied all these photos which show the care taken to relocate the bees and make sure these extremely valued creatures are protected.

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