Do you suffer from Muscle or Ligament Pain?

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April 26, 2019
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April 26, 2019

Do you suffer from Muscle or Ligament Pain?

Muscles and tendons can become painful for many reasons. One of the most common causes is when the body experiences an unusually high amount of exertion where the muscles have struggled to cope with a high level of activity.

Stiffness will normally occur a couple of days after the activity.

Also muscles and tendons can become painful due to injury, trauma, inflammation or just poor posture.

If you are experiencing prolonged muscle or tendon pain then we can assess the problem and provide treatment directly to the tissues that are causing discomfort as well as identifying any underlying maintaining or predisposing factors.

Muscle and ligament pain conditions respond particularly well to osteopathy.

Most long term recurrent pain is caused by the degenerative changes to the body’s framework. Nobody can reverse this process of ageing however; osteopathic treatment can often ease pain, reduce swelling and improve joint mobility by using gentle manual techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint articulation with mobilisation, stretching with accompanying releases.

Pain control is an important part of the treatment process and David provides guidance on simple self-help measures to use at home to help with pain control at each stage of the treatment. Any findings are fully explained understandably and a treatment plan is agreed with you before continuing. An important part of treatment with David, is that expectations are supported and reviewed as an ongoing process, in your best care.


Best wishes, David

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