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July 8, 2020
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July 8, 2020

Men in Sheds

A Thame Group is trying to establish Thame Shed based on the national movement ‘Men in Sheds.’   It would offer a larger version of the garden shed – a place to feel at home and pursue practical interests where members share tools, resources and expertise to work on projects at their own pace in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment.

Sheds are places for skill-sharing and informal learning, for individual pursuits and community projects, for purposeful activity, achievement and social interaction.

A Shed’s activities usually involve making or mending in wood but may include metalworking. Reclamation, re-use, repair, up-cycling and restoration feature strongly. Whichever activities are pursued, the essence of a Shed is not the building, but the network of supportive relationships.

Thame Shed would be available for anyone who enjoys creating, making, mending or has a practical skill they are willing to share. It would also be a place for those who have never had the opportunity to develop practical skills, haven’t the space to do the practical things they want to do, or at the moment spend their time alone using their skills. It could also provide an opportunity for those who simply want to watch others work, sharing conversation, perhaps supporting the mental health and emotional well-being of its retired, unemployed or furloughed populace.

Discussions are underway to provide Thame Shed with a base in the town. If you would like to be kept in touch with the project please email Mike Ashford on

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