January 1, 2017
Thame Players
January 1, 2017

Most Men Need a Shed

Thame Shed needs a Shed

Most men need a shed, but for some this can be a lonely pursuit pottering away at the end of the garden.

Suppose that you had a bigger shed, better equipped, where you could indulge your ideas, undertake other projects, learn new skills, share your own skills and make new friends; where you could create, make, mend and refurbish to your heart’s content whilst watching, or helping, others to do the same; and where the kettle is always on.

Following a successful open meeting in Thame Town Hall supported by an enthusiastic group of would be ‘shedders’, a Steering Group has met to plan the way forward and make Thame Shed a reality, a place where men and women who either don’t or no longer work, can engage in practical activity, creating, making, mending, refurbishing and sharing their skills in the companionship of others.


Initiator Mike Ashford will shortly return to Australia for six months so he will not be able drive the project but ex Thame Councillor Adrian Dite has agreed to Chair the Steering Group supported by Christine Hall as the Secretary.  Together with six other Thame residents, the group seek suitable premises within Thame which may even be in need of repair and anyone who knows of a redundant site or wishes to know more about the concept, is requested to email on thameshed@gmail.com

The project already has the backing of Thame Councillors but if you want more background information go to www.menssheds.org.uk

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