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December 30, 2019
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New year Is the time to embrace change. It is tempting to aspire to perfection but try and set realistic goals you are likely to achieve or you may be setting yourself up for failure.


To improve your general health try and set realistic targets for

Sleep – aim for 8 hours a night

A healthy and nutritious diet – aim to eat a nutritious diet most of the time

Exercise/activity  – make activity and exercise part of your daily routine

Screen-free  – make time away from screens – especially just before sleeping

Social time – enjoy time with friends and family

ME time – plan in some relaxation and enjoy some time to yourself to recharge your energy levels

Stress– work out what is causing stress in your life and make changes to reduce this by planning ahead

Be Happy – do things you enjoy and talk through any troubles


Achieving a healthy and nutritious diet

Reduce snacking and don’t skip meals

Reduce takeaways and fatty foods

Eat smaller portions

Be salt, sugar and fat aware

Follow NHS advice for a balanced diet

Take 10ug vitamin D daily

Drink regular fluids


Action plan

Make a list of small achievable targets that you feel are realistic.

Make tick lists to keep you on track.

Don’t worry if you vary from your plan but get back to it without delay.

Achieving small steps will give you the confidence to continue.

All positive changes are beneficial to overall health however small.

Making changes with family or friends can help.

Be proactive!

Happy New Year


Bean chilli pasta winter warmer


Finely chop an onion, a red/green pepper, a stick of celery and one courgette,

Lightly fry in a teaspoon of oil until soft

Add a tin of butter beans, and a tin of kidney beans in spicy tomato sauce

Add a tub of fresh tomatoes (or tinned)

Add some fresh or dried tarragon and a teaspoon of smoked paprika

Stir in some cooked pasta or serve on a bed of rice.

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