Start the New Year with the Power of Positivity

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November 2, 2019
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Start the New Year with the Power of Positivity

The fact that 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year (mhfaengland, 09/09/2019), should come as no surprise, given the challenges in the modern World. Juggling family life, career progression, against a backdrop of seemingly never ending negative news and associated Social Media pressures.

Taking care of our health is instrumental to our quality of life. We know we should eat our five a day and exercise regularly to stay physically fit. Many of our New Year’s resolutions centre around this, but what do we do to look after our minds?

I found myself struggling to keep the various plates in my life spinning and something had to give, before they came crashing down. Through exploring solutions, I discovered that taking care of my mental health need not involve spending hours a day meditating and doing Yoga. (as fabulous as they are), but there are changes that can be made in an instant!

This is where the Power of Positivity comes in. Only you can control whether today is going to be a good day or a bad day and it starts with a simple thought: “There is always a silver lining, if you look hard enough – if you think positively then positive things will happen”.

However, whilst many of us would strive to embrace a positive mindset, life has a habit of getting in the way, putting the most robust positive mental attitude (PMA) to the test.

For when that happens here are some simple methods that I have used:

  • I play that song that just cheers me up!
  • I watch a funny video clips (Michael McIntyre starts my day with a giggle) or 10-minute meditation and motivational talks on You Tube.
  • I take some deep breaths whilst making a cuppa.
  • Healing crystals are my best friend.
  • Visualising my goals makes them happen.
  • I get out in nature.
  • Go to my happy place either literally or in my mind. Mine is the top of West Wycombe Hill.
  • I can either choose to be negative and frustrated or I can choose to be happy and healthy.

Having experienced first-hand the Power of Positivity and having supported colleagues, friends and family, I have embraced my passion further and have trained as a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner.

Reiki works by channelling positive energy into your body. Reiki practitioners typically place their hands over the affected areas of the body that need a boost. As well as being supremely relaxing and therapeutic, Reiki also helps to heal emotional, physical and mental issues.

I now have a greater understanding of managing my mental wellbeing and my journey has taught me the negative impact that being self-deprecating has and vital techniques to ensure I lead positive life.

Remember looking after your mental health is so important, you have the power to make today a great day; There is always a silver lining, if you look hard enough – if you think positively then positive things will happen”.

Megann McKinnon

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