The 5th Anniversary of the Princes Centre

Summer time at Thame Players
June 29, 2017
Relive your favourite music at Wycombe Swan
June 29, 2017

The 5th Anniversary of the Princes Centre

The award-winning Princes Centres celebrates its 5th anniversary this summer and the trustees wish to thank everyone for their massive support.

Following the takeover of day care services in June 2012 from BCC, the charity existed from hand to mouth and the future looked uncertain. However the trustees have made progress and with community support, purchased the buildings and are now financially robust.

Many facilities have been improved and, with a programme of major renovations, we welcome the continued financial support from the community to enable their completion.

The Princes Centre now owns a new minibus and provides services for many clients who enjoy the welcoming environment, and appreciate the care and support received from our staff.

If you are lonely or require help with the care of an older person or a person with disabilities, the Princes Centre is your answer. We have a wonderful team of caring staff, under the leadership of our award-winning manager Kim, providing a wide range of activities including singing [our wonderful Jinglers choir entertain at local venues] pottery, craft work, memory sessions, quizzes, cooking classes, computer work, indoor bowls, walks to local cafes and shops, exercises,  outings and enjoyment from visiting entertainers.

If you are interested in attending the centre, either as a client, or volunteering, or wish to make a donation, do have a look at our web site, or email or call Kim, our manager, on 01844 345105 to arrange a visit.

Charity number1151083

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