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August 30, 2018
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August 30, 2018

Summer Gardening

Well, what a hot, hot summer we had – and the proof of all that scorching arid weather, is your tired, parched lawn.  If well maintained, your grass will, after some much-needed rain and cooler temperatures, green up again but if you tend to leave your lawn to fend for itself, some maintenance is probably needed.

In extended periods of drought, your lawn becomes weak and the roots suffer and deteriorate. September/October is the ideal time to address these problems, get your grass back to full fitness, and prepare it for the forthcoming winter months.

Due to the very hot weather this summer, your lawn more than probably just stopped growing. The lack of water will have prevented any new growth emerging and left you looking out at a brown, parched space.

Once the rain does fall, your grass will start to recover, but do not get tempted to cut it too short. During the autumn raise the cutting height on your mower to allow the new growth to establish and become stronger.

To rid your lawn of the ‘thatch’, the debris of dead grass and moss, now is the time to scarify.  If you have a small area this is achievable with a lawn rake, for a bigger space a Lawn Scarifier is the tool for you. If you foresee yourself taking on this task every year, perhaps you can buy one or if you want to just blitz the grass, it is easy to hire one for a day.

Now is the time to treat your lawn with an autumn weed & feed product. At this time of year, you need a high mix of potash & phosphates which will help protect your grass from the cold frosty weather which is on the way.

Hopefully, come the spring, your lawn will have recovered from the battering it received this summer and will be back to its green, lush self.


Happy Gardening,

See you soon,

Simon, Alison & all at Askett Nurseries.

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