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October 31, 2020
Pain and the Festive Period
October 31, 2020

Kenzo’s Diaries

I’m still enjoying life with my ‘hoomans’ at home with me all the time, but they keep saying that I am very ‘demandin and needy?’

I have no idea what they mean by this? Surely everyone likes company wherever they go, someone to watch as they take every mouthful of their ‘dinna’ and a playmate 24/7?? They watch that box with moving pictures on far too much and why would you look at something they call a ‘fone’ rather than ‘payin’ me all the attention I need??

Anyway, I must have done ‘somthin’ right as they have taken me to 2 different new and ‘excitin’ places.

The first place involved water, which is my favourite, especially if it’s a smelly and muddy puddle! This water was clean though and trapped in a big hole with walls round it. I was so desperate to get in and swim, especially as my ‘girlfwend’ Maggie was so good at it, but I was really ‘nervos’ and my paws didn’t touch the bottom. Mum and my sister did help me in with a rope on my harness, but I got out very quickly! Perhaps I will be braver next time?

The other new place I went to had lots of things to climb on and run round. It was very ‘excitin’ especially as Maggie was there too. We did lots of ‘jumpin’ and ‘runnin’ through these big tunnels. We got told off a lot though as apparently ‘cuddlin’ and ‘kissin’ are not really very appropriate!

I ‘lurvvvv’ Maggie though so I don’t see any problem with it at all 😉

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