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April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018

Are you lifting correctly?

Incorrect lifting or carrying youngsters can be a dangerous activity

It’s one of the most natural things for a parent to do, but new research shows that more than 80,000 Britons a year sustain injuries to their backs, knees and other joints by incorrectly lifting or carrying youngsters.

The most common problems, resulting in back and knee strain, were caused by lifting children from the floor, lifting babies from cots and balancing them on hips.

A fifth suffered injury helping a child out of a car seat, lifting them out of a high chair or carrying a toddler on their shoulders.

When picking up a child from the floor, a high chair or buggy, adults are best advised to bend at the knees rather than from the waist, and children should be carried across the chest rather than balanced on the hip to avoid strain.

Grandparents are particularly at risk if they have been diagnosed with the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis.

Top tips for avoiding back pain when you look after young children:

  • Only lift a child if you have to.
  • Do switch sides if you need to carry them on the hip.
  • Stand evenly on both legs avoiding weight bearing on one hip and leg.
  • Avoid carrying a bucket car seat for too long, and with the same arm. This will cause uneven strain on your back.

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