My name is Bella; I’m an Akita Mix and about 1 year old.

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December 30, 2019
December 30, 2019

My name is Bella; I’m an Akita Mix and about 1 year old.

I found myself at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue following a rough start to my life. I’ve settled in well since my arrival & I’ve become accustomed to the daily routines.


I love to play outside and explore new surroundings, sniffing & searching any new area with great interest. I like to play with my toys, especially tennis balls and will chase after them when they are thrown but I have not yet learned to bring the ball back for the game to continue.

I know some basic commands such as sit and paw, but being young, it would be good if I attend training classes to increase my mental capacity and socialisation classes to ensure that I am more confident with other dogs.

I do like to meet new people, but I can be uncertain at first until I get to know them. Along with some positive reinforcement I will soon become more trusting of my new owners. Treats would be a good way to gain my trust and help to build a solid bond between me and my new owner.

Here at SDR, I’ve shown that I am unsure of other dogs when initially meeting them, so I’d need some positive experiences around calmer dogs. I would be best suited as the only dog in the home though in time I may be able to live with another dog once I have built up my confidence around them.

In the right home with someone who has had 2 -3 dogs before and will continue my training and socialisation, I will make a lovely (if not larger than life) addition to the household.

Can you offer this lovely young girl a loving and permanent new home?

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