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October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

Pain and the Festive Period

It’s the time of year when everyone is dashing about, getting ready for Christmas day, possibly entertaining family and friends or preparing for some time away from home. This is the time of year when debilitating back pain can be a real inconvenience.

I’ve treated many an urgent case of back or pelvic pain from people slipping on ice or wet leaves, to those wrestling the large turkey out of the bottom oven.

Then there are the possibly troublesome matters of driving long distances, strange beds, unusual arm chairs and lifting excitable grandchildren – all of which can cause strains to the spine resulting in aches and pains anywhere from the neck, through the shoulders or into the lower back.

Don’t forget the Christmas walk is a fantastic way to loosen up a stiff lower back and a little time relaxing can benefit you physically.

If you are caught out by pain, don’t forget that David as an Osteopath, can provide experienced professional care to help you. Our

joints can become compressed or strained and a conservative treatment can greatly help joint function, health and pain levels.

You could help relieve some of your symptoms too by keeping gently moving, trying cold compresses and being careful about how you sit or stand. Please seek advice from a trained healthcare professional as soon as is possible.

Look after yourselves and have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR.


Best wishes, David

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