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November 1, 2017
Risborough Christmas Lights Switch On – Saturday 25 November 3pm to 6pm
November 1, 2017

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The time of year is upon us when the dark nights draw in. Celebrations in November and frequently over December and January can involve fireworks. Exciting though this can be for us, loud noises can be frightening and stressful for cats and dogs.

Here are some ways to help them.

Build a den. This is somewhere they can hide to reduce their anxiety and come and go freely. Some will find one for themselves; under the bed or behind the couch and we can help for crate-trained dogs by covering the crate with a blanket or providing a cardboard box with a hidey-hole for cats.

Try a calming spray or plug-in. There are plenty on the market that are designed specifically to aid with reducing anxiety.

Distraction. Switch on the television or radio, provide new toys or chews. There is no need to fuss your pet and acting calmly and normally can help to reassure them.

Make sure your house is secure and windows are closed to limit noise and the chance of escape. Remember also to lock the cat flap.

If you feel that your pet suffers and needs medical help your vet is available to talk you through several options that might help. Remember to do this well in advance so that you can be prepared.

Here’s hoping you and your pets have enjoyable festivities!

Dr Mandy Elgin

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