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January 10, 2018
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January 10, 2018

Self-help for Physical Pain

If you are one of the millions that suffer with physical pain, then there are a few basic ways in which you may be able to help yourself.

A first option would be to get professional osteopathic help and the sooner you have treatment, after recognising the need, the better. It makes a vast difference, preventing unnecessary suffering.

If you have long term, chronic back pain, then try getting help for that too. Ideally, it’s best not to just accept that you ‘have to live with it’ or that it might be ‘just your age’ and take pain killers forever more. Seeing an Osteopath can help a wide array of different problems, no matter how long you have had them. The body revitalises amazingly quickly with the correct treatment.

However, there are some other options and I wanted to cover a few of the most common bits of advice I give people during & after treatment:

Firstly, posture is always involved, with maladaptive movements when discomfort is there, resulting in some sort of strain as you sit or stand. So, my biggest tip is to improve your posture, with practical advice. People unfortunately adjust their posture incorrectly to try and avoid pain, but consequently, they can sometimes develop more (AVOIDABLE), Pain!

Next, movement is vital. I always recommend, from research, that gentle movement regularly, (every 30 minutes), is more important than exercise classes alone.

Exercise is additionally invaluable, especially if you have a sedentary job, like sitting at a PC all day.

For a holistic, self-help approach to a healthy body; observing your posture, both standing & seated, your nutrition and daily movement & exercise patterns, will help you in the year ahead.

Best wishes, David.

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