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January 1, 2017
January 1, 2017

Health Matters


Many people can be lead to believe that there is nothing that can be done about the symptoms of developing age.

As we get older our muscles, bones, ligaments and joints will also age. Ageing alone does not necessarily result in increased pain or stiffness.Some people with age-related pain & that treatment and advice from an osteopath complements GP care and pharmaceutical products.david-gray-logo-pic

Osteopathic treatment is a hands-on approach offering a package of care that is personalised to you. If you begin to notice problems as you get older, your osteopath can work with you to keep you healthier, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of life despite the natural ageing process.

Osteopathic treatment and advice may help you feel better prepared to continue with, or adapt,

your lifestyle as your body changes with time. When you first visit an osteopath, you’ll be asked about your current symptoms and medical history. All information will be treated as confidential in accordance with standards of professional practice. After an initial examination, your osteopath will discuss treatment options with you so that you can agree a course of action and the likely associated costs. Treatment may require several visits and, very occasionally, further tests and or referrals to other appropriate health care professionals. Most osteopaths will begin your treatment at your first appointment, with your agreement.

If you have any concerns about any treatment, David encourages you, to discuss these further. You’re more than welcome to bring someone with you, for your consultation.

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