Cadmore End and Fingest Circular Walk
August 27, 2020
Kop Hill Climb
August 27, 2020

Kenzo’s Diaries

This week has been full of fun! I’ve been very busy helpin’ all my ‘hoomans’ with jobs around the house, such as sweepin’ the floors, mowin’ the grass and obviously, one of my favourites, gardenin’. But I also did lots of things just for me !


There are some lovely wildflower meadows near me, that my ‘hoomans’ have found. They are so excitin’ to run through and I just love to jump, jump, jump up above them, so my ears flap in the wind. My ‘hoomans’ also seem to love it because they always try and take ‘pikturs’ of me. I run straight at them, to make sure they can see my best jumpin’ skills. I wish they would take me there every day.



Besides all my crazy jumpin’, I’ve also been doing lots of trainin’ this week, which really does tire me out. I learnt a new trick! It’s so simple, but I kept being told I was “Such a clever boy”; I don’t know why my ‘hoomans’ think it’s so hard. Anyway, back to my new skill, basically all I have to do is, when my ‘hoomans’ say “Bel”, I have to hit this ‘dingy’ thing and then I get a treat. So easy. I was a little nervous at first, because I didn’t know if the ‘dinging’ was a good thing, but as soon as I realised it meant treat, I didn’t stop. I just kept hittin’ it over, and over again until there were no treats left.

I think this might be my new favourite game!

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